Q.   What happened?

A.   CenturyLink will no longer be offering their PS/ALI service in the State of Washington in the near future.

Q.   How does this change affect me?

A.   You will now be required to make your ALI changes to the State of Washington ALI database of record through a third party vendor who provides an ALI database update service. LCSI offers such a PS/ALI service via its ALIProWeb PS/ALI portal.

Q.   What’s happening with the existing PS/ALI service?

A.   The PS/ALI user interface that allowed customers to update records within the ALI Database Management System was not included in the State’s new contract for management of the ALI database. CenturyLink has elected to stop providing this service; consequently, other service providers, such as LCSI, will need to provide this service for you.

Q.   What are my options?

A.   You have three options:

  • Submit your ALI record changes to your dial-tone provider and ask them to make updates to the ALI database.
  • Subscribe to LCSI’s ALIProWeb PS/ALI service and have us submit your ALI updates to the new ALI DBMS.
  • Submit your ALI record changes to another third party ALI database update service provider and have them make updates to the ALI database.

Q.   We did not have a NENA CID for the CenturyLink PS/ALI service. Why are we required to have a NENA CID with ALIProWeb PS/ALI service?

A.   The requirement for a NENA CID comes from ComTech, the new ALI DBMS administrator in the State of Washington.  This is their way of ensuring that only you can make ALI changes to your DID records.  CenturyLink used other means of authenticating users.  ALIProWeb uses this CID for our authentication and passes this same CID to ComTech when submitting your ALI updates.

Q.   I thought I was sending my updates to Intrado. Who is West?

A.   West is a technology firm who purchased Intrado in 2006. West (and formerly, Intrado) were under contract with CenturyLink to manage the State’s ALI database.

Q.   Is ComTechTel the same as West?

A.   No.

Q.   Who is ComTechTel?

A.   ComTechTel is a technology company that has been contracted by the State of Washington to provide E911/NG911 services throughout the State.  This includes management of the ALI Database that was formerly managed by CenturyLink through their contractor West and previously through their contractor Intrado.  (West purchased Intrado in 2006.)

Q.   Is ComTechTel the same as Intrado?

A.   No.

Q.   Who is Intrado?

A.   Intrado was a technology company that was formerly under contract to CenturyLink to manage the ALI database associated with the State of Washington.  Your PS/ALI interface to the ALI database was also managed by Intrado.  Intrado was purchased by West Corporation in 2006.

Q.   I am confused by all of this; what is the history here?

A.   This is a long and detailed answer; if you are interested in the details, please turn the page.