What just happened!!!

You may have received a notice recently that CenturyLink will no longer provide PS/ALI services in the State of Washington.

Please do not panic; equivalent replacements for this service are available.

What Happened

About three years ago the State of Washington awarded the state-wide E911/NG911 contract, which had previously been held by CenturyLink, to ComTechTel of Seattle, WA.

The initial migration of the ALI database from CenturyLink to ComTechTel occured on April 2, 2019.

Shortly afterward, CenturyLink announced that it will discontinue PS/ALI services in the State of Washington.

What Can I Do About This

If you have been updating your ALI records through the PS/ALI interface and would like to continue managing updates as before, you will need to do so through an ALI update service provider.

LCSI has just announced that it will provide this PS/ALI service through its new product ALIProWeb.

If you are interested…Please turn the page.