ALIPro is an E911 Automatic Location Identification Processing software application specifically developed for privately owned and managed telephone switching systems serving one to many building sites. It is designed to work with telephone networks to associate internal extension numbers with their service locations. ALIPro is fully automated, run as a hosted service, and requires little or no customer equipment or staffing resources.

The ALIPro Service application extracts telephone service information from a customer’s Private Branch Exchange (PBX), VOIP gateway, or telephone management system. It associates this information with service location data, populates a nationally hosted ANI/ALI database, populates local number translation appliances, audits telephone service and management system data integrity, and reports suspected data integrity errors to the customer. The ALIPro service can also populate customer data warehouses with any ALIPro managed information.  Please download and review our ALIPro Service Presentation.

ALIPro services are available through Louis Consulting and Systems Integration, Inc. (LCSI), a communication technologies consulting firm. ALIPro was developed in 1987 by LCSI. It was the first automated Enhanced 911 (E911) ANI/ALI application for PBXs in North America.